A Statement From Our Funeral Home:

We will continue to provide Visitations and Funerals at the request of a grieving family.  We will adapt to the current environment and employ the creative use of technology.  A funeral is one the most important events in our society.  We don’t feel that it is prudent to halt or postpone the grieving process.  Likewise, we do not want to compromise your health and well-being.  Therefore, we have devised this plan to make things work under the current restrictions:

  1. We will limit crowd sizes by utilizing an online platform to schedule times for small groups of friends to come in for visitation.  
    • Sign up can be done online or by calling the funeral home.  We will offer extended visitation hours to accommodate these smaller groups.  Whatever it takes - we will do it. 
  2. We will offer private gatherings for family only.  
    • If the family wishes to gather privately in the the presence of the deceased, this will be accommodated.  We will then recommend a public memorial service at a later date when restrictions have been lifted.  
  3. We will utilize technology to broadcast, stream, or record funeral services.
    • If the family and the clergy are in agreement, we will encourage the use of technology to provide online access to any one not in attendance.  We will allow families to utilize technology in whatever means possible to create a meaningful ceremony for their loved one. 

These were difficult decisions to make.  They were not made without careful consideration.  We have spoken with local health officials and members of the local clergy who are in complete support of these adaptations.  We wish you all the very best.  And as always, we remain here to serve you.

Dan and Jon Frain